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    March 21


    Madison, TN

    April 25

    St. Benedict’s

    Memphis, TN

    July 25

    Mt. Juliet, TN

    Spar Wars

    Sept 19

    The Landers CTR

    Southhaven, MS


    November 14

    Dickson High School   Dickson, TN

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About Us


The CTF offers the highest quality martial arts training available today. Since the founding of our predecessor organization, Mid-American Taekwondo Centers in 1984, we have provided superior training to our instructors and students and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our commitment to excellence has helped us develop a large core of excellent practicing martial artists and one of the premier national tournament programs available in the United States today.Layers-BGPATCH!

Our ValuesThe Choong Sil philosophy was developed to give our students a useful, goal-oriented philosophy that could help them to achieve excellence, not only in their martial art, but also in their daily lives.

Leadership: At The CTF, we are fortunate to have developed an extremely strong base of high-ranking martial artists with many years of experience in teaching under the leadership of Grandmaster Robert H. Hardin and our distinguished group of Masters. 

Teamwork:The CTF exists to support the efforts of our affiliated instructors. We are always working to refine our existing systems and to develop new programs tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by our affiliated instructors. We are also a family where each instructor can learn from other’s experiences.  By helping each other, we all grow stronger.

Placeholder  ImageOur Headquarters:  The CTF headquarters is located in a beautiful, log lodge situated in the middle of the Ozark National Forest.  It is not only home to our National Office, but also many of our Black Belt Camps and a retreat available to our Black Belts.

Hall of Fame:  Each year we honor those members whose performances exemplify excellence.  These represent the “Best of the Best” and demonstrate the results of applying the Choong Sil philosophy.

Customer Relations: At The CTF, our highest priority is satisfying you. You are important to us and you can expect to find us when you need help.  Just contact us anytime via e-mail at choongsil@hughes.net or call us at 870-428-5353. We are proud to serve you and work hard to help you to be the best you can be.


    Robert H. Hardin
    National Director
    Ninth Degree Black Belt
    Alison C. Hardin
    National Administrator
    Sixth Degree Black Belt


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