IN 2014

  • Tournaments

    January 25

    Atlanta, GA

    March 8

    Memphis, TN

    April 26

    Nashville, TN

    July 26 or August 2

    Hernando, MS

    Spar Wars

    Sept 13 or 20

    Mt. Juliet, TN


    November 8 or 15

    Memphis, TN

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Student Info


The new CTF Gold Membership now includes $100,000 Student Accident Coverage in addition to all the benefits listed below that were available under our former memberships. 

    If you are already a CTF Gold Member, just click on the button below to renew your membership.


    If you are NOT currently a CTF Gold member, you can convert to the new Gold Membership.  You only need to complete the



Privileges of Student Membership

  • Membership

    Each member will receive a CTF patch and CTF Student Membership Card upon  joining or renewing their membership. They also will receive a CTF  bumper sticker when they renew their membership.  Just click on the  patch if you want to renew your CTF membership on-line.


    If you wish to join the ctf or convert your existing membership to a CTF GOLD membership, then you will need to click on the link above.


                  • Fill out both sides completely.
                  • The student must sign the back.
                  • Your Parent or Guardian must also sign if you, the student,  is under age 18.
                  • Mail the form with your $40 annual membership fee to:
                    • CTF National Headquarters
                        HC 31, Box 120
                        Deer, AR  72628.

      · The student’s insurance coverage is not effective until the student’s completed Application (including all required signatures) and annual membership fee have been received by the CTF office

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